Building the future of Food

We're building the first multi-purpose robotic kitchen in the world, for fast-food and fast-casual restaurants.

Bringing a revolution into restaurant kitchens.

We leverage technology to rethink guest experience in the restaurant industry: delicious ingredients, exceptional service, game-changing environmental approach.

Our ingredients pledge

Thanks to cost-saving automations, we pledge to allocate 40% of what customers spend to buying fresh and high-quality locally-sourced ingredients. That share is only 28% in an average fast-food restaurant.

Humans at the center

We put customers, and waiters, at the center. Tedious tasks are automated, empowering restaurant staff to deliver on what they excel in: taking care of guests.

Empowering producers

We value those working hard to produce the best food in the most sustainable way.
More of what you pay goes into their pocket, less into the fast-food industry's.

Unique experience

Exclusive visual experience: our robot cooks for you.
Full dish customization. Unbeatable prep time. Food cooked on demand. Ever-consistent food quality. Long opening times. Phone pre-order available. Wide menu possibilities. Waiting time forecasted to the second. Exhaustive dietary and sourcing information.

Join the Food Revolution

We're looking for enthusiastic engineers with a passion for robotics and automation!

Arduino. 3D Printing. CAD. Electronics. Mechatronics. Prototyping. Software Robotics. Does any of this sound familiar?
If so, and whether you're looking for a full-time, part-time or internship position, feel free to drop us a line ;-)

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